Smarter Meditation for the busy, stressed and fatigued. No fluff, no pretzel positions, no complicated instructions.

It’s the technique that everyone is talking about! Learn Vedic Meditation in Brisbane’s first boutique Vedic Meditation course, under the instruction of Elise Catchlove. 

Great for stress management, relaxation, sleep and so much more!

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What is Vedic Meditation?


Designed for busy individuals navigating modern living, Vedic Meditation is a powerful and yet simple mental technique that de-excites the nervous system while lifting away stress, tension and fatigue, leading to greater clarity, increased creativity and a happier more stabilized state of being.

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The Course

The technique is easy and simple, but only if you’ve had the correct training. By Catchlove’s intensive and comprehensive course is comprised of three contact sessions over three consecutive days with additional independent meditation practice in between each session.

Session One (45 mins) – one-on-one session with Elise Catchlove

Session Two (1.5hrs) and Session Three (3hrs) – group sessions and deep dive into the practice. Over these sessions we will cover:

- Understanding the technique and how to use it correctly
- What an effortless practice looks like
- Impact of stress on the nervous system
- Body/mind connection
- Practicalities of meditation
- Fitting it into your day
- Benefits

On completion of the course, you will now have the skills to independently practice the technique for the rest of your life.

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Meet Your Teacher, Elise Catchlove.

Elise Catchlove is the founder and driving force behind meditation school By Catchlove. After spending years running a successful business, and working in the fashion industry, Elise saw first-hand the toll that stress takes on people’s lives, eventually learning the art of meditation herself. Fast-forward a few years; countless hours of meditation, extensive teacher-training, and a newborn baby, Elise’s dedication to the practice and desire to help people has brought her to the launch of Queensland’s first Vedic Meditation School, By Catchlove. 

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practice of vedic meditation leads to:


Greater Clarity

Say goodbye to a foggy, scattered mind. With regular practice of Vedic Meditation your mind will receive the deep rest that’s required to achieve greater clarity and razor sharp focus.


A Healthy Mind

We spend so much time, effort and money nurturing a healthy body; why not show the same level of care for our minds? Vedic Mediation can help minimize stress, anxiety and depression which all lead to a lighter mental load.



Increased Creativity

It’s no wonder your best ideas come when you’re on holidays, in the shower or when your head hits the pillow at night – it’s when your mind is at ease that you often experience great bouts of creativity.


A Happier You

A regular meditation practice doesn’t take your problems away, but it equips your mind to cope and not dwell, for a happier state of being.


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Why should I choose Vedic Meditation?

It’s easy, if you learn the technique with By Catchlove. Unlike other meditation techniques, Vedic Meditation requires nothing other than you – no pretzel positions, no need for an app or device, no complicated directions or the impossible instruction, “just stop thinking”.

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Is Vedic Meditation for Me?

Meditation is not just for monks.
It is for everyone who you wants happiness and clarity to help navigate the pressures of modern life. This technique can be done anywhere, anytime and is flexible enough to slot easily into your daily routine.

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Benefits —


Work life

Want to be able to punch a 60-hour workweek without sacrificing your health, running on adrenaline or feeling like you’re on the brink of a nervous breakdown? 

Vedic Meditation will give you the deep rest that’s required to deliver high performance results in the workplace, while also maintaining a calmer state of mind.


Creative life

Wondering where your creativity has been buried, perhaps along with the stress and demands of modern day living?

Vedic Meditation will reignite your passion, increase your energy and amp up your creativity.



Personal life

Always feelings tired? Feeling like you’ve not been your best self around friends and family?

Vedic Meditation will give you a boost of vitality, and can help you feel more present, engaged and able to truly enjoy your personal life at its best.

In a modern, fast-paced world that requires people to always be ON, a regular Vedic Meditation practice gives you the ability to disconnect and recharge your system through very deep rest. This mental re-boot leads to better clarity and mental resilience, as well as to greater feelings of happiness, gratitude and inner contentedness, creating better and stronger connections with the people that matter most in your life.



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peter, development consultant / ceo pi home

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natasha chipman, creative director and founder of natasha schweitzer jewellery

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mother and business owner

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The Technique

Daily meditation practice
Mantra based technique
Transcendent style
Sit with back supported for 20 minutes, twice a day
Can be practiced anywhere and at any time. Get creative!

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Our mantra is: to bring meditation to the modern mind. 
No fluff. No pretzel positions. No complicated instructions.

Through a regular Vedic meditation practice you can experience a decrease in stress, anxiety and depression, increased creativity, better mental clarity, deep rest and relaxation and improved productivity. Meditation can also aid in pain management and in boosting athletic performance. Make the commitment to upgrade your life.

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